Candied Hemp & Cinnamon Salt Trio (3 Bars)

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Cinnamon and chocolate? Yeah, we went there, and once you join us, you won’t go back either. The cinnamon flavor performs a beautiful tango with our vegan melk chocolate to create a unique taste that is positively cinnful. You’re going to LOVE our gourmet, organic hemp love chocolate bars!

You're going to LOVE our gourmet hemp love® chocolate bars - a truly unique and exotic infusion of fine organic chocolate and nutritious omega rich hemp seeds.

hemp love® Certified Organic Hemp Seed Chocolate Bars are made from ethically-sourced chocolate that is Certified Rain Forest Alliance and Certified Vegan.  Our hemp seeds are sourced exclusively from Canada because Canadian hemp seeds are the highest quality and contain zero THC.  Kid approved and Mother recommended over any of the “candy” bars you’ll find anywhere else!  Share some hemp love® chocolate with someone today....the healthy choice for the sweet craving in you!

hemp love® Candied Hemp & Cinnamon Salt: 39% Vegan Melk Chocolate: (organic rice milk powder, organic evaporated cane juice, organic almond milk, organic cocoa paste, organic vanilla), organic evaporated cane juice, organic hemp seed, organic cinnamon powder, sea salt.

Candied Hemp & Cinnamon Salt Trio (3 Bars)