Healthy Treats Your Dog Actually Likes, Bow WOW!

Your pup gives you unending love, loyalty, friendship, and maybe even your slippers if you’ve been extra good. That’s why your dog deserves a delicious treat that supports her health. If you don’t want to reward your best friend with junk food treats, try our tasty hemp love® dog treats that include real, natural, and organic ingredients, including hemp seeds, a superfood that’s great for her skin and coat.

Hemp Love Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats - 15 oz bag


Your dog is begging for her favorite treat. Don’t disappoint your best friend in the whole wide world (especially because she’s eyeing your brand new shoes as a snack alternative). Make sure you stay stocked up on our delicious and healthy hemp heart delights dog treats that your canine loves. This big bucket will tide you over…at least for now....

Hemp Love Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats - 8 oz Bag


Who’s been a good boy? Your puppy, that’s who! So give your best friend the healthy, tasty treat he deserves. Mmmmm, organic oats, organic hemp seeds, organic bananas…and is that organic peanut butter? You bet your wagging tail it is! These treats are so good you might just want to take a bite yourself, but contain yourself. Whiskers, snout, and...