• Hemp Love bars are produced in a certified vegan facility. They contain no animal products including butter, eggs & milk.

  • Hemp Love bars are certified USDA organic. Our chocolate facility is CCOF certified to USDA organic regulations. Our chocolate facility is also certified vegan & kosher.

  • Hemp Seeds are one of nature's most perfect foods and contain high levels of vitamins A, C and E and beta-carotene and are rich in protein, carbohydrates, minerals, fiber and Omega-3 & Omega-6 EFA's. Hemp seeds are a plant-based complete protein.

  • Hemp Love chocolate is made in a certified organic, vegan & kosher facility in Northern California.

  • Our chocolate is a premium blend of Ecuadorian & South American cacao, responsibly sourced.

  • Our hemp seeds are sourced exclusively from Canada because Canadian hemp seeds are the highest quality.

  • Our bars are THC free!

  • As we continue to create new unique flavors that are delicious, below are the flavors that are fan favorites.
    Cinnamon Salt & Hemp Seed Crunch: 39% Cacao Organic VEGAN "Melk" Chocolate Bar made with organic almond milk, organic rice milk.
    Mint & Hemp Seed Crunch: 81% Cacao Extra Dark Organic Chocolate Bar
    Lavender Salt & Hemp Seed Crunch: 61% Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate bar
    Orange / Vanilla & Hemp Seed Crunch: One of our newest bars, 81% Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate with our exotic blend
    Dark Chocolate & Hemp Seed Crunch: One of our newest bars, 72% Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate

  • Don’t refrigerate if you don’t have to! Chocolate easily absorbs odors of whatever’s in the refrigerator. Moisture in the fridge can also lead to “sugar bloom,” meaning the sugar rises to the surface and discolors the chocolate. You should store it in a cool, dry place. When chocolate is kept at a consistent temperature below 70°F (ideally between 65 and 68°F), and at a humidity of less than 55%, the emulsion of cocoa solids and cocoa butter will stay stable for months. It is best to seal them in an air-tight container & keep them away from the light. Stored this way, chocolate will last a while.
    Sometimes, you have to refrigerate, summer’s hot, and not everyone uses air conditioning. But before you put chocolate in the fridge, first wrap it tightly to protect against odors and condensation, then seal it in an airtight container. When you take it out, let it come back to room temperature before unwrapping. This will keep your chocolates edible for anywhere from three to six months.
    Remember to always eat your chocolates at room temperature!

  • Yes, you can order online to receive your favorite flavors at:

  • Any order under $72.00, shipping costs are $7.90. This is the cost that we need to pay to post office for priority shipping. However, we offer free Shipping for a case of 12 bars or anything order over $72.00.

  • Right now, we are in a few regional Whole Food Markets in Southern California and specialty, organic & natural food retail stores. We are looking to grow and hope to be in many more national retail stores soon. Stay tuned…
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